It Is Time for a Disruptive Innovation in Leadership Development

What We Are Doing Is Not Working

Our current approach to leadership development is not good enough. Leaders are not satisfied with the development options available to them, HR and Talent Management Professionals are swamped trying to keep up with fast changing and growing needs, and Executives are frustrated at the limitations ineffective leadership places on their organizations.  

We don't have the leadership talent we need and we don't have the methods to develop that talent. Even the Center for Creative Leadership concludes,  "There are no simple existing models or programs which will be sufficient to develop the levels of collective leadership required to meet an increasingly complex future." (Petrie, 2011)


Recent research shows exactly why our current methods don't work -- they are not in sync with the way that our brains learn (i.e., neuroplasticity).  SJ Miller + Associates' proprietary process, the Prodigy Method®, works with the way that we learn.  If you are ready to try something different or just want to learn more about the Prodigy Method, call or email.  We would love to share the benefits of this dramatically different approach to leadership development with you.

Individual Leaders and Learners

You will build skills faster and get more benefit from all your development activities. The workshopspractice tools, and development guidebooks give you control over the pace and scope of your development as a leader

HR and Talent Management

You can increase the impact you have on your organization and create a culture of learning. Whether you use SJM+A services and products or incorporate the Prodigy Method principles into your own courses and programs, you will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of every development activity.

Executives and Organization Leaders

You can build your team's leadership skills and improve organizational effectiveness with our integrated leadership and organization development process.  The process uses the regular work of your business as the laboratory for learning allowing your team to train and build skills together.