The Prodigy Method of Learning Workshop

The Prodigy Method® is a learning process and set of learning principles.  It translates recent research findings from the neuroscience of learning and the acquisition of high-level performance into ten, easy to use principles of learning. These principles can be applied in any context and with any development activities to increase the speed, flexibility and efficiency of learning and performance improvement.

In this fun and engaging four-hour workshop we will cover:

  • How your brain learns (and how it doesn’t)
  • The four requirements to accelerate learning and improvement
  • The ten learning principles of the Prodigy Method
  • How to apply the principles to typical development activities and incorporate them into your own development planning

At the conclusion you will be able to:

  • Incorporate development into your regular work duties seamlessly
  • Build skills with deliberate practice drills
  • Find and use the best kinds of support – people and resources
  • Structure your development so it is self-motivating (maybe even addictive)
  • Eliminate development activities that aren’t worth your time

The workshop includes:

  • Participant’s materials for the workshop
  • The Prodigy Method® Guidebook for Development Planning
  • Tools to help you create practice drills
  • Tools that will help you remember and retain what you learned


  • Learn faster and easier
  • Realize more of your full potential
  • Make your job easier (learning new skills is worth it even if you are already a top performer and don’t want to be promoted)

Ultimately, the single most important thing to learn is -- how to learn.  When you have mastered that, there are no limits.  And that is not just hyperbole -- the research on high-level expertise shows that you can learn five times faster with the right training methods.  It is as though we have isolated the ‘active ingredients’ in learning and now the secret is out - anyone can use the training methods of prodigies and world-class performers to accelerate their learning and reach their highest potential.


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