Create a Highly Effective Learning Organization with these Services and Products

With the Prodigy Method you will build skills faster and get more benefit from all your development activities. The workshops, practice tools and development guidebooks give you control over the pace and scope of your development as a leader.  SJ Miller + Associates offers products and services that cover a wide range of needs and applications.

Our approach always begins with the needs of your organization.  We work with you to create just the right mix of services and products that are customized to fit your culture, structure and systems. There is no charge for the initial consultation, so don't hesitate to give us a call and ask us about how any of these products or services could improve learning and performance in your organization.

Our workshops include the tools participants need to continue their learning and skill building after the classroom. These tools include objective assessments of knowledge and skill; deliberate practice drills, scrimmages and other on-the-job practice activities; and techniques that enhance memory and long-term retention.  It is our contention that (in addition to all the usual suspects) the transfer of training problem exists because we don't teach people how to practice skills after their training class.  We are committed to ending the bad reputation of classroom training - 10% efficiency is not acceptable.

Prodigy Method Courses

Learn the principles of the Prodigy Method and how to use them to speed your own development or to better teach others.


    • The Prodigy Method of Leadership Development
    • Prodigy Method Certification Workshop
  • Prodigy Method Executive Overview


Leadership Development Programs

Learn the essential skills for leadership at every level.  Each program includes the courses leaders need to be successful at their current level and to prepare them for the next.

As a leader, you manage most of your own development.  SJM+A has products and tools that will help you to plan and execute your development efforts so that you can learn faster and achieve more of your full potential.    

Training Tools

Tools and training aides to complement development programs and facilitate skill building

  • Deconstruction of Leadership: What to Practice
  • Prodigy Method Add-On Module for Classroom Training
  • Deliberate Practice Drills

Prodigy Method Guidebooks

Brief summaries of how the Prodigy Method principles and techniques can be used to enhance development activities

  • Development Planning with the Prodigy Method
  • Get More from Classroom Training
  • Identify and Manage Experiential Learning Assignments
  • Find and Use Support for Your Development
  • Get and Stay Motivated to Learn